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Just putting the finishing touches on your baby shower invites? Don’t forget to set up a registry with Cajinka! Your friends and family are going to want to shower you with love and gifts, and a well organized registry means getting only one copy of Goodnight Moon instead of twenty.


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Ready to find the perfect present for the mama-to-be? Then it’s time to look up her registry! She’s sunk hours into organizing a list packed full of all the practical must-haves, so you don’t need to! The best way to get a gift you know she’ll love is to buy something on her registry.






About Cajinka

Cajinka was founded by Jeanette in 2014. She’d just become a mama to a wonderful son, but quickly realized that in rural Alberta it could be hard to get the numerous baby and toddler supplies she needed. She realized that something needed to be done, so she opened her very own retail store to help meet the needs of moms across Canada.

Cajinka is designed to be a one stop shop for all your baby and toddler needs. Jeanette strives to offer competitive prices and all the newest, coolest gizmos and gadgets that new parents wants. She offers flat rate shipping for orders under $150 and free shipping for orders over. That way, regardless of whether you live in Calgary or Iqaluit, you can get everything you need at an affordable price.

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What clients say

  • I loving going into the store & seeing Jeanette & little Floyd ! The amount of products she has is amazing & I love trying new things out ! I love this little store ! I highly recommend it to anyone.


  • I LOVE LOVE this store! Jeanette is so good with customers and bringing in what they need. I had went in a few weeks ago asking about teething mitts and they said they would look into it, i go in today and they were fully stocked!! 🙂 Its so nice having a store like this inRead more


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