About us

As a mom, I understand how precious time can be. Sometimes, it just feels impossible to stay on top of everything and spend enough time enjoying your baby — they don’t stay tiny forever after all! I created Cajinka so that Canadian moms could spend less time doing chores and more time doing what they love.

At Cajinka, we do things a little differently. For me, it’s important that everything my son uses on a regular basis is safe and made ethically. I wouldn’t want my child using products made by someone only a few years older than him. That’s why I prioritize selling Canadian-made items. When products are made in Canada, it’s easy to trust that work conditions are good and pay is fair. You’ll also find that many of the products on Cajinka can’t be found at the big mega-stores. I think it’s important to support new small and medium sized businesses, so I try to stock items by companies that haven’t made it into the world of Walmarts and Amazon yet. Finally, I focus on selling organic, vegan, and natural products. That way, you know your little one’s toys and clothing are made with love and won’t contain any contaminants that could hurt them.

At the end of the day, there are few things more tedious than searching three or four stores looking for a baby item nobody seems to carry. It’s my goal to help parents across Canada to spend more time with their kids and less time driving from store to store. I hope that you can find everything you need to make parenting more enjoyable and as easy as possible.
Best of luck in your parenting journey!



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