These aren’t Grandma’s Cloth Diapers

These aren’t Grandma's Cloth Diapers - Cajinka - Baby Store Online

Often young, environmentally-savvy Canadians who are about to become parents are interested in cloth diapering solutions. This makes sense, cloth diapering is much more affordable than disposables, and it prevents tons of garbage heading into landfills. These young Canadians tell their parents or grandparents about their interest, and then they recoil in horror as their mom or grandpa tells them about how horrible and awful cloth diapers are. Well, don’t you worry! These are not your Grandma’s cloth diapers!

Cloth diapering actually has a long history in Canada, and some of the big brands you see today such as Bummis and Motherease began the cloth diaper revolution right here in the Great White North. A Canadian also began, one of the first major cloth diapering websites. But just like the internet has changed a lot since 1997 (thank god) so has cloth diapering.

Envelope Diapers are one of our favourite cloth diapering solutions for numerous reasons. First of all, they’re affordable. Envelope diapers come in two parts: a waterproof shell or cover and highly absorbent inserts. You’ll likely want plenty of both, but compared to the literally thousands of disposable diapers you’d be buying over the years, you’re still saving hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Another reason we recommend envelope diapers is that they wash and dry fast. These diapers don’t require you to remove the soiled insert (ew) and can be placed directly into your washing machine. Yup, infant poop is completely water soluble. However, once your baby is eating solids, you will need to rinse away poop into the toilet. Simply hold the diaper by the waist band edges so that the poop side is turned toward the toilet. Dunk the poopy area of the diaper in the toilet water and flush. The swirling water should remove everything that needs to go. Then place the diaper in your wet bag and wash it in the machine as per usual. You’ll love how much faster envelope diapers wash and dry than all-in-one options.

Envelope diapers provide an affordable option to parents and offer lots of opportunity to customize which inserts you use for your baby. This means you can experiment and come up with the best day and night solutions for your unique child. Let us know how your cloth diapering adventure is going, and if you have any questions, contact us at 780-827-2848.


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