Babies and the Summer Heat

Babies and the Summer Heat - Cajinka - Baby Care Products Calgary

If it’s Baby’s first summer, you’re probably more than a little worried about how to keep your child cool in the +30 highs. New parents often feel under prepared and that can lead to feelings of guilt and anxiety. But that’s no way to spend the warm months! Keep your cool and don’t worry; the experts at Cajinka have the info (and products) you need to keep baby comfortable and safe this summer.

Adorable Hats are a must-buy item for any parent. Whether your child is two or thirty-two, you should be encouraging them to wear a full-brim hat during the summer month. This is because sun, while necessary in small doses for vitamin D generation, can also be pretty harmful to our skin. The large brim will keep the sun out of baby’s eyes — the better for seeing all the cute peek-a-boo faces you make at her or him, and it will also protect those delightfully cute (but very sensitive) cheeks from sunburns.

Mom-Approved Sunscreen is also a summer must-have, but there’s a lot more to sunscreen than just picking the right bottle. First, babies, toddlers, and young children have thin, underdeveloped skin, so they’re much more susceptible to sunburns than adults and older children. While you need to wear sunscreen when the UV index is 4 or over, your child will need sunscreen at a UV index of 3. You can check the UV index for your municipality every morning with a quick google search or by listening to the weather report. Remember, even if your baby has a darker skin tone, they’ll still need sunscreen to protect them from harmful UV light.

When selecting your sunscreen, choose one that’s broad spectrum, water resistant, and at least SPF 15. Place a dab of your chosen sunscreen on your child twenty minutes before you want to leave to check for an allergic reaction. Remember, infants under 6 months should not wear sunscreen, so it’s important to always keep your baby in the shade and out of direct sunlight. Until your child is 1 year old and able to toddle their way to shade, don’t let them play or sleep in the sun.

Stay Cool in the Pool!

Did you know many pools around Alberta offer swimming classes for parents and infants? In the womb, your baby developed in a world of fluid, so they’re born knowing not to breathe when their face is submerged. This means you can safely take your baby to the lake or pool. Remember to check with your pool before you go about what to bring. All pools will require the use of some sort of swim-diaper, but they’ll have different rules about swimsuits (does your baby need one?). Some moms recommend using a baby wetsuit-style swimsuit since it’ll keep your baby warmer. But even with a wetsuit, baby will likely get cold quicker than you, so be careful! Stick to the warmer baby pool or limit time in the water, and don’t forget the warm shower afterwards! It’ll rinse away the chlorine and warm you both up.

One final tip: pack a snack. Swimming takes a lot of work and both you and Baby will likely get hungry.

Summer is a great time for kids. They can enjoy the grass, trees, and pool. But summer also comes with bug bites, dehydration, and sunburns. Make sure you have all the supplies you need to keep baby comfy this summer, and check out the summer selection at Cajinka!


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