What to do when Baby gets a Cold

What to do when Baby gets a Cold - Cajinka Online - Baby Store Online

There are few things harder on new parents than watching their baby struggle through their first few colds. Colds aren’t fun for anyone, and babies often have five to ten colds in a single year! Their immune system is getting stronger every day, and in a few years, it’ll help limit colds to just once or twice annually, but at the moment, it’s up to you to keep Baby comfortable for the seven to fourteen days it’ll take for them to fight off a bad cold.

Keep Baby Hydrated.

When babies have a cold, they often experience slight dehydration. It’s important to offer your baby the breast or bottle more frequently than usual. The more you can get them to drink, the better they’ll feel and the faster they’ll get better. In the meantime, you can help sooth itchy skin by using baby-friendly moisturizers and soothing skin ointments. Apply these frequently to your baby’s nose to keep it from getting red and itchy from their cold and anywhere else that skin seems to feel dry. If Baby’s skin is dry, also try to offer even more fluids. For older babies, you can offer water mixed with a little juice to encourage them to drink extra.

Wipe Away the Mucus.

A young baby can’t blow their nose. So when Baby’s nose gets stuffy, there isn’t anything they can do but let it drip. Try to wipe away mucus as often as possible during the week or two your baby has a cold. Bamboo wipes will help to absorb the mucus without irritating Baby’s sensitive skin, but it’s still a good idea to remember to moisturize their little nose to keep it from getting red. A decongestant ointment may also help depending on the severity of the cold and the age of your baby — ask your doctor if it’s a good choice for your family.

Help Baby Breathe.

If your baby is having a hard time breathing and eating because of their stuffy nose, we suggest giving them extra baths. Not only will the bath keep them cozy warm, but the hot, steamy air will help to break down the mucus making it easier for them to breathe and feed. If your overtired baby is too cranky to want to spend time in the hot, steamy room, try offering them a new bath toy. A new Sophie toy especially for bath time might be just what baby needs to stay in the water long enough for their nose to unplug.

It can be difficult to watch our little ones fight through their first cold. Not only is it sad to see them suffering, but Babies are infamous for sharing their poor moods with everyone around them. It’s in everyone best interest to try and keep baby as comfortable and happy as possible. From everyone here at Cajinka, we wish you luck! This cold will pass, and your baby will be back to their giggling, cheerful self soon enough.


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