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Most Canadian parents these days are savvy internet users who know the ins and outs of parenting. Maybe you feel like you’re at the end of your sanity, but don’t worry — you’re doing just fine, Mama or Dada. However, that doesn’t mean you don’t have a lot of questions. Like, what sort of boots should your baby be wearing?

Babies Aren’t Little Adults.

Sometimes it can be hard to remember that your baby isn’t just your mini-me, but that they have important physiological differences. For example, wearing tiny adult shoes can actually damage your baby’s soft feet bones and ligaments and hinder natural development. The hard rubber sole that we adults are used to is just no good for a baby. In fact, no shoes or boots at all is best. Unfortunately, we live in Canada and that’s just not an option. So since winter boots are a necessary part of Canadian life, here’s what to look for.

Skid-Resistant, Soft Soles.

Babies and early toddlers are not particularly proficient walkers. Because of that, skid-resistant shoes are a must. Whether you’re going for a walk outside on the icy sidewalk or there’s a puddle on the mall floor, skid-resistant shoes will help your little one to spend more time on their feet and less time falling on their bum. However, it’s equally important that the sole is soft. We don’t mean soft like a fuzzy bunny you want to rub your face against, we mean soft as in you can crumple it into a ball in your hand and bend the sole every which way with little to no resistance.

Podiatric Medical Association Approved.

Boots that are built well, that support rather than constrict developing feet, and keep your baby’s feet safe and warm all winter long will have a Seal of Acceptance (or Approval) from either the American Podiatric Medical Association or the Canadian Podiatric Medical Association. Here at Cajinka, we only list baby shoes made by companies with this certification, so you can be sure the boots you buy for your baby are safe and won’t damage their delicate feet.

Are you looking for your baby’s first boots? Our collection of Robeez shoes and boots offer cute and stylish options to parents everywhere. For something a little more rugged that’s built to stay on whether you’re hiking in Banff or at the mall, we recommend Stonz Booties. These boots come in two parts. A liner that goes over barefeet, socks, or other slippers or shoes which is built to always stay on and keep tiny feet warm and dry during spring and fall. And a stonz linerz which adds an extra layer of insulation which can be easily added or removed for the cold winter season.

Have any questions about baby shoes or boots? Talk to the experts at Cajinka today! Call us at 1-780-827-2848.


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