Blanket Alternatives to Keep Baby Warm

Blanket Alternatives to Keep Baby Warm - Cajinka - Baby Online Store

It’s getting cold out there, Mom and Dad, and that means you’ll need to find a way to keep baby cozy warm all winter long. The problem is that loose bedding like pillows and blankets can be dangerous for young babies. Snuggly bedding might seem benign to adults, but as blankets move in the night, they can cover Baby’s nose and make it hard for her or him to breath. That’s why doctors recommend not using blanket at all until Baby is at least 12 months old.

Pajama Heaven.

One of the easiest ways to avoid blankets is to just buy warm pjs. Your baby will want to wear about one layer more than you, so if you keep your home warm and you’re comfortable with just a light blanket, a cozy, one-piece, footed sleeper that keeps little toes toasty all night long may be just what you need.

Sleep Sack.

If you’re really worried that your baby isn’t staying warm enough, you can always invest in a baby sleeping bag or sleep sack. These can resemble nightgowns that are sewn closed at the bottom, a conventional camping sleeping bag, or a swaddle blanket but with a looser area for the feet. Usually worn over pjs, a sleep sack will help give your baby an extra layer of warmth without any danger of their little face being covered.

Before deciding if Baby needs another layer, touch their chest or tummy. Their body should be warm but not sweaty. If their skin feels hot or sweaty, take off a layer. If they feel cold, add a layer.

Cuddly Fitted Sheets.

A fitted sheet should firmly secure to your Baby’s crib mattress with no loose corners. This should be the only bedding in your baby’s crib that they aren’t wearing. While a fitted sheet won’t wrap over their little body, it does help to keep them comfortable through the night. Pick a fitted sheet that’s soft to touch and that will help keep the bed warm and dry — even if diaper-explosion happens during the night.

Keeping Baby comfortable can be tricky. Unlike you, your baby can’t just kick off an unwanted blanket if they’re too hot or pull the covers higher if they’re too cold. It’s up to you to keep the temperature in the room stable, so that their clothing will keep them comfortable until morning. The experts at Cajinka can suggest the best products to help keep Baby sleeping soundly all winter long.


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