All about Pacifiers

All about Pacifiers - Cajinka - Baby Store Online

While some babies seem to do just fine without a pacifier, other infants seem to cry constantly without one. Pacifiers can offer a lot of comfort to a baby who has a strong instinct to suck, and a pacifier-sucking habit is much easier to break than a thumb-sucking habit. However, if you’re parenting a babyRead more

Toilet Training 101

Toilet Training 101 - Cajinka - Baby Online Store

When it comes to toilet training, there are a lot of different ideas about how to go about transitioning your toddler from diapers to potty. But regardless of whether you go with the bare-bum-3-day-weekend-horror method (which works surprisingly well) or take a more gradual approach to things, you’re going to need a few supplies toRead more

Bathtime for Dads

Bathtime for Dads - Cajinka - Baby Online Store

You’ve probably heard over and over how important skin-to-skin contact is for parent-baby bonding. Between giving birth and breastfeeding, moms often find a lot more time for skin-to-skin, and this can leave dads feeling left out and anxious when they aren’t bonding as fast as their partner. Fortunately, there’s another obvious time for lots ofRead more

Top Three Items to Make Breastfeeding Easier

Top Three Items to Make Breastfeeding Easier - Cajinka - Baby Online Store

Let’s just start this blog off with an acknowledgement that breastfeeding can be really hard. In some cases, it may even be impossible. We’ve met moms who were incredibly invested in trying to make breastfeeding work, but who couldn’t get their baby to latch properly, and felt incredibly guilty about switching to formula. We’ve alsoRead more

Which Teether is Best for Your Baby?

Which Teether is Best for Your Baby? - Cajinka - Baby Store Online

Teething isn’t fun for anyone. And, while a few lucky parents will have a baby who’s only cranky for one or two days, some unlucky folks have a drooling, cranky baby for weeks. These parents often come to us begging for a solution that will finally make their baby happy again. But regardless of whetherRead more

Ways to Mark Each Milestone

Ways to Mark Each Milestone - Cajinka - Baby Store Online

If you’re expecting your first baby, it’s hard to really imagine and appreciate just how quickly your baby will grow and change and become a little person who speaks, runs, and amazes you every day. There are few things that parents treasure more than the pictures they’ve taken of their children, so it’s important toRead more

Flying Tips for Parents with Toddlers

Flying Tips for Parents with Toddlers - Cajinka - Baby Store Online

Travelling with a very, young infant can be surprisingly easy. With a clean bum and enough milk, a baby under 3 months often sleeps through a flight without making a peep. Unfortunately, your quiet, easy traveller will be an energetic and excited toddler too soon. So how can you make travelling with your toddler easier?Read more

What to do when Baby gets a Cold

What to do when Baby gets a Cold - Cajinka Online - Baby Store Online

There are few things harder on new parents than watching their baby struggle through their first few colds. Colds aren’t fun for anyone, and babies often have five to ten colds in a single year! Their immune system is getting stronger every day, and in a few years, it’ll help limit colds to just onceRead more

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for your Grandbaby

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for your Grandbaby - Cajinka - Baby Online Store

Just when you thought there was nothing like buying that first onesie for your first unborn grandchild, Christmas is just around the corner. Your grandbaby is suddenly looking so big already, and you just want to find the perfect present for them. Something that they can keep beyond just a few months. Something their parentsRead more

Blanket Alternatives to Keep Baby Warm

Blanket Alternatives to Keep Baby Warm - Cajinka - Baby Online Store

It’s getting cold out there, Mom and Dad, and that means you’ll need to find a way to keep baby cozy warm all winter long. The problem is that loose bedding like pillows and blankets can be dangerous for young babies. Snuggly bedding might seem benign to adults, but as blankets move in the night,Read more


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