Budgeting for a Baby Shower Present 101

Budgeting for a Baby Shower Present 101 - Cajinka - Baby Apparels Online

There are few things as exciting as when your first friend announces their pregnancy and invites you to the shower. But while baby shower pros may already know exactly what present to pick off the registry, it can be a real challenge when heading to your first shower! You want your gift to stand out and be appreciated, but you also don’t want to blow every nickle to your name on this present. So what do you do?

Zero-Budget Homemade Presents.

Sometimes you’re in your final year of university when your friends start getting pregnant. With tuition to pay and student debt already looming over your head, how can you show your friend how much you love her (or them both) without skipping breakfast for a week? Frozen, home-made, ready-to-eat meals that the new parents can just toss in the oven for an hour before dinner and eat. The fact is cooking is the last thing on many new parents’ mind, and being able to eat something other than take out or a meal-in-a-box is going to be a god send. Plus, if you can head home for the weekend and borrow ingredients from your parent’s pantry, it’s even easier on your budget. There are a ton of great freezer-friendly meals, so look up some favourites like spaghetti and meatballs or lasagna.

If you’re handy (or can’t cook), sew or knit something adorable, make a blanket or wooden toy, or offer to paint the nursery.

Look for Sales.

A very rough, ballpark figure for a typical baby shower gift is $30. For some people, a $30 present is easy to budget for, but for others it’ll be a struggle. Fortunately, $30 value does not always mean $30 out of pocket. Check the registry for ideas and then scour the internet and the mall for sales. Places like Winners often have great quality toys and baby clothing at reduced costs. And, of course, online baby stores like Cajinka regularly have sales you can take advantage of as well!

Saving Up.

If this is your best friend’s or sister’s baby shower, chances are good you may want to spend more than the average $30 on the perfect gift. Fortunately, even if money is tight, you may be able to manage a more expensive present. Baby showers are generally held in the third trimester around 32 weeks of pregnancy. Even if the parents waited until the 12th week to tell you about their good news, you still have 30 weeks to save for a great present, so start now! Save a loonie, a toonie or even five bucks every week between now and the shower and you’ll have a healthy budget of $30-$150 to spoil the mum to be.

Budgets can be complicated, but they don’t have to be. If your friend just announced their pregnancy, you still have time to budget for a gift. We suggest surfing through Cajinka and checking out the hundreds of items we have in stock! We’re sure you’ll find the perfect gift to suit both your budget and your need to delight your friend.


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