Children and Mosquitos Bites

Children and Mosquitos Bites - Cajinka - Baby Products and Apparels Calgary

Like fleas and dogs, kids and mosquitoes just seem to end up together. This inevitable relationship is a pain for you and an itch for your kid, but what can you do? Fortunately, quite a bit. Whether it’s preventing bites in the first place, relieving the itch, or keeping your child safe from mosquito borne diseases, there’s plenty you can do to help.

Find a Cure for the Itching.

Sometimes it seems like you can ask twenty people for their secret cure to mosquito bites and get twenty different answers. Some of that is probably due to the placebo effect (a fake cure that tricks your brain into thinking it’s healed), but there are also just a ton of relief options and different people prefer different cures. Before you start with your cure of choice, clean the bite with some rubbing alcohol. This will kill any bacteria and have a pleasant cooling effect. Once the bite is clean, you’ll need to experiment with cures.

If you want to use a commercial product, first try dabbing a bit of softsoap on the bite. Sometimes, that’s all it takes. Non-gel toothpaste is also said to be a cure. Products like stingose, aspivenin, and after bite are all designed to help with insect bites, so you can give those a try too. Have aspirin or tums in the medicine cabinet? Assuming your child isn’t allergic, some people swear by applying a paste from these medications and water. Remember to use an aspirin paste or a tums paste but not both.

If you’re feeling more adventurous, common household foods like lemon juice, oatmeal porridge, vinegar, honey, and even meat tenderizer have all been said to work.

Mosquito bites aren’t dangerous generally, but your child will likely get more than a few this summer, so don’t worry if it takes a while for the two of you to find a solution that works for you.

Mosquito Borne Illness.

Most Albertans have heard of west nile. You get it when bitten by an infected mosquito, and usually symptoms are mild and flu like; sometimes, though, the fever is deadly. If you’re traveling abroad with your child this summer, the dangers of mosquito borne illness should be taken seriously. Malaria is a leading cause of child death worldwide. Zika fever can cause birth defects if you’re planning number two (or three), and that’s just the beginning of the list. Before traveling anywhere (even the US), you should consult with your doctor. Our Canadian climate keeps us safe from many bug borne illnesses, but states like Florida get no such protection.

Mosquitoes are annoying. But there’s two easy way to prevent problems: cover up your skin and use bug spray. Look to modest cultures in hot climates like India for inspiration, people there have been using very light and very loose clothing to keep cool for centuries. Try to find these types of clothing for your kids. Not only will it help prevent bug bites, it’ll also prevent sunburns. Even if your kid’s fully covered, apply some bugspray to their clothing. People have been using bug spray for decades. It’s safe, and (unlike many alternatives) it actually keeps the bugs away.

From the team at Canjinka, we wish you and your family many excellent summer adventures! Have fun and don’t like the bugs bite!


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