Common Food Misconceptions About Pregnancy

Common Food Misconceptions About Pregnancy - Cajinka - Parenting Supplies Calgary

Considering we’re all the result of a pregnancy, it’s a surprisingly misunderstood process. Many myths and misconceptions exist around pregnancy, and this can lead to future generations of young mothers hearing the same nonsense as the last. So without further ado, here are the facts about what you can eat while you are pregnant!

Yes, you can eat cheese. Cream cheese, cottage cheese, ricotta, and all hard cheeses are fine! The only ones you need to avoid are the unpasteurized cheeses. This includes feta, brie, and goat cheese. As long as the cheese is pasteurized it’s fine.

Yes, you can eat fish. Like cheeses, some varieties of fish should be avoided. This is because some fish can contain high levels of mercury. These sorts of fish (such as shark, tilefish, mackerel, and tuna) you’ll likely want to skip for the next nine months. . Some will also say you need to cut sushi out of your life. Ignoring that vegetarian and cooked sushi is totally still an option, Japanese women (and their babies) are living proof that a little sushi isn’t going to harm you. The important thing is to only take raw fish from a restaurant you trust completely, and if you’re uncomfortable with eating raw fish during your pregnancy, just stick with the avocado rolls.

Yes, you can have caffeine. Coffee, chocolate, cola, and tea are all perfectly fine. The trick is to consume caffeine in moderation. We’re never going to recommend drinking pop, but if you need a cup (or two) of coffee or tea to get you through the day, don’t stress out about it harming your baby. They’ll be fine.

No, you probably shouldn’t have any alcohol. While some women have drank heavily and had perfectly typical babies, some mums have drank only a tiny amount and still had infants with FAS. The fact is we just don’t know how much is too much and when (or if) a safe time to drink even exists. Maybe your infant will be fine if you drink throughout your pregnancy, but maybe not — do you really want to risk it? If you drank before you realized you were pregnant, try not to stress. This happens to many women, and there’s nothing you can do until you meet your baby. As long as you stopped drinking after missing your period, your child will probably be fine.

There are so many misconceptions about pregnancy that we could probably write about just that and nothing else for the next three years. Afterall, we’ve only covered a tiny portion of the food myths let alone all the others. (Yes, you should eat common allergens like peanuts.) If you have any questions about your pregnancy, talk with your health provider! If you’re looking for the best supplies for parenting, order from Cajinka today.


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