Congratulations on your Adoption!

Congratulations on your Adoption! - Cajinka - Baby Apparels Online Shop

So you’ve decided to adopt a baby! Wow! This is such an exciting and nerve wracking time, but instead of focusing on the home inspections and paperwork, let the happiness roll over you. There’s a lot of work to be done and a lot of things to buy, but just breathe future Mamma or Dadda; we’ll make it through this together.

Diapers are basically a necessity. Even if you’re planning on going the route of elimination communication (E.C), most Calgary parents are still going to diaper their baby at least some of the time. For an affordable, adorable option, we suggest an envelope cover cloth diapering system. While all-in-one diapers are often pricy, envelope diapers offer a fast-drying cloth diaper within most parent’s budget. You’ll need just a few covers, but plenty of inserts for the coming months.

Baby Bed is also a must have, and there are so many options. Fortunately, almost anything will do! A bassinet or moses basket are popular options for newborns, and many Fins even keep their infant in a cardboard, baby-box supplied by the Finnish government. You can choose a conventional crib, a portable pack and play, or a montessori style floor bed. Whichever baby bed option you choose, make sure it doesn’t include any loose bedding, stuffies, pillows, or even blankets. Keep your baby warm with an extra layer of pjs or a wearable blanket that can’t creep up and cover their tiny nose and mouth. Also, remember to lie your baby on his or her back to sleep.

Feeding Necessities.

If you’re adopting, it’s likely that breastfeeding isn’t an option for your family, but don’t worry! Formulas are getting better all the time, and they’re already an excellent source of nutrition for your infant. In fact, many parents who are able to breastfeed choose formula feeding for its convenience, it’s gender-neutral benefits (dad can feed baby too!), and its empirical data — you’ll know exactly how many ozs of milk your baby should eat and is drinking.

Having a baby, whether you adopt or give birth, requires a lot of stuff. You’ll need clothing, lotions, shampoo, soap, a comb, toys, thermometre, car seat, and more. But for everything your baby needs, Cajinka is here to offer you a one-stop convenient online shop to get it all. Because when you need a new onesie for your colicky 3-month old, you gain a whole new appreciation for shopping online and having the things you need come to your door. Shop Cajinka today!


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