Flying Tips for Parents with Toddlers

Flying Tips for Parents with Toddlers - Cajinka - Baby Store Online

Travelling with a very, young infant can be surprisingly easy. With a clean bum and enough milk, a baby under 3 months often sleeps through a flight without making a peep. Unfortunately, your quiet, easy traveller will be an energetic and excited toddler too soon. So how can you make travelling with your toddler easier?

Use up Energy.

Over the years we’ve heard a ton of good things about Trunki Luggage. These rideable bags, offer an easy way for your toddler to use up energy — they can push themselves around and ride on their bag. Not only does this mean they won’t be begging to be pushed around on the luggage cart, but the bag also abides by most airline’s carry on requirements. This means, your child can pack everything they might want during the flight in their Trunki. Less fun necessities like underpants and their toothbrush can go in the adult luggage that’s checked in.

Travel in the Off Season.

Obviously this isn’t always possible. But if your family and work schedule is flexible enough for you to fly before and after the Christmas rush, you’ll likely find the whole travelling experience less stressful. It’s easier for toddlers and parents when the airplane isn’t packed full. The other passengers will also likely be more forgiving if they aren’t stressed out from being squished by their neighbours. Plus, your toddler is less likely to pick up a cold if fewer people are travelling, and the flight staff will be able to be more attentive to your needs if they have fewer passengers to care for.

Pack Snacks.

Airplane food is infamously bad. Combine that with toddler who may be tired or stressed from over stimulation, and who will be grumpy if they start getting hungry, and you have a recipe for disaster. Prevent problems before they even begin by packing tiny portions of all your toddler’s favourite snacks in a silitray! These great parenting tools, provide 9 small pockets, so you can give your toddler a snack regularly throughout the flight. Travelling to Halifax? Offer them a snack every half an hour. Not only will munching on baby carrots keep them distracted, but by choosing fruits and vegetables you can help keep them hydrated, minimizing jet lag.

Travelling with a toddler is never easy, but there are a few things you can do to help. Some parents suggest buying an activity book or a new toy. You could try writing a letter to a friend or drawing a picture of the beach you’re going to visit. However you choose to handle the trip, we’re sure you’ll have plenty of great memories and photos and share!


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