Planning a Co-Ed Baby Shower?

Planning a Co-Ed Baby Shower? - Cajinka - Baby Care Products Calgary

Over the last decade, Dadchelor parties and Man Showers have been becoming more and more popular. The dads of today are an exceptional group, and they’re an integral part of their infant’s and child’s lives. Today’s dads are going to prenatal appointments, they know how to change a diaper, and they value being an important part of their child’s lives. It just makes sense that these men want to celebrate their transformation into Dad. But how do you throw a co-ed baby shower?

Food is going to be the important one. If you’re planning the baby shower, you likely know the couple best, so keep them in mind when planning the menu. However, we generally find this a good place to put Dad and the guys in charge. In fact, this type of co-ed shower even has a name: the Ba-By-Q. Whether it’s steak, chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, whatever, give Dad and the boys the meat and the barbeque. This is a great idea for a few reasons. First, it’ll get the guys outside away from all the cooing, giggles, and adorable (but perhaps slightly gag-worthy) games. Secondly, if it’s the middle of summer, no one wants to cook inside anyways. Finally, mom will be more likely to relax if the food is squarely in the men’s domain.

Fun will likely be a compromise of games and activities, and that can actually improve the party for everyone. Do some of the cute, traditional baby-shower games, but also do some more active on-feet games like stroller olympics or a baby-diaper relay races. Games like bottle chugging (with beer, ice tea, and apple juice options) are also quite popular. A combination of sit-down and active games will help to keep everyone interested and engaged. If Mom or Dad enjoys poker, you can also set up a cards table with a diaper buy in.

Gifts are still an important part of any baby shower. Guests will bring presents, and many of them will want to see the couple open them. Baby showers typically last only a couple hours, so after half an hour of games, and an hour for food and socializing, it’ll be time to get to the gifts. Placing gift-opening at the end of the party also gives guests the option of slipping away if they don’t want to watch or have other engagements. When you create the registry, remember to ask both Mom and Dad for suggestions. Mom might love all the cute clothes, and Dad may have some favourite picture books or toy suggestions to add. Don’t exclude Dad (unless he asks to stay out of it) just because it’s not a traditionally masculine domain.

While baby showers are traditionally for moms and their women friends and family, times are changing, and men are beginning to celebrate the transition to parent as well. This is great to see, but it can make planning the party a bit more challenging. If you only know Mom (or Dad) very well, try and team up with a close friend of the other parent. This will make it easier to plan a party that both future-parents will enjoy.


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