Rub-a-dub-dub Fun in the Tub!

Rub-a-dub-dub Fun in the Tub! - Cajinka - Baby Products Calgary

Whether bath-time is part of a strict bedtime routine, Daddy’s time for one-on-one interaction, or a fun cool-down activity for your muddy toddler, there seems to be a lot of gear that goes into having a rewarding bath. While the splish-splashing at heart may be about getting clean, a child who enjoys their time playing in the warm water will likely have an easier time with swimming lessons, and you’ll have an easier time keeping them clean.

Baby Bath Tubs often make their way half-heartedly onto the baby shower list. They’re an item that is viewed as “an extra” at best and utterly pointless at worst. But the view of baby tubs being a bulky, impractical item is more than a little dated and unfair. Today’s baby bath tubs are practical and well designed tools to help you wash your little one with less fuss. The must-have feature when selecting your modern tub is collapsibility. A collapsible baby tub will store easily without taking up too much room. Many are even designed to sleekly hang behind bathroom doors or by the sink. You’ll also want to choose a tub that will work for an older baby. Buying gear that only works for two or three months just isn’t practical. We suggest the boon naked baby bath tub. It’s fully collapsible and can partially- or fully-expand to make it well suited to both infants and toddlers.

Bath Toys come in three main categories. There are fishing toys with a rod that hooks smaller toys, floating toys like boats to push around, and squirting toys like water guns. Other, less common, bath toys options include foam critters and letters that stick to bath tile or glass when wet and everyday objects like cups and bowls to pick up and pour out water. We always recommend choosing a variety of toys to engage your child in the bath. A mix of squirting, fishing, and sticking toys, will keep your child interested and busy enjoying the water long enough that you can get them clean.

Here at Cajinka, we believe that bath time should be fun time! That’s why we stock all the toys and gear that parents need to help their young children stay squeaky clean. Whether you’re creating a baby-shower wish list or ordering today, check out for your baby wants and needs!


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