Summer Swimming Fun!

Summer Swimming Fun! - Cajinka - Swimming Gears for Babies

While winter may seem to be arriving quicker and quicker every year, summer isn’t gone quite yet. There’s still time to get in some mommy-and-tot swim lessons or just enjoy cooling off from the +30 temperatures at the pool. If you have a spare moment, it may even be fun to call your mom-friends and plan a swimming play-date. But before you do, here’s the latest gear you’ll need to be the coolest mom at the pool!

Swim Diapers!

Until you child is potty-trained, they’ll need to wear a swim diaper in the pool. These diapers don’t prevent urine from entering the pool, but they will help contain any poop. You can choose either a disposable variety or a washable cloth swim diaper. We personally recommend cloth. Our washable swim diapers not only contain solid messes well while in water, but they’re also so cute you may want to use them on shore. Just remember to throw an absorbent diaper under the swim diaper shell when using it on land. And check the regulations at your local pool, you may be required to put waterproof, plastic pants on your baby as well.

Swimsuits are necessary swimwear for older kids, but are also popular with parents of children still in diapers. Some pools even require that your baby wear a swimsuit over their swim diaper. Typically, you’ll find girls in a one piece swimsuit and boys in trunks. But we recommend using a two piece set for children of both genders. A rash guard top will help protect their delicate skin from the chemicals in the pool and UV light. And having the top separate from the bottom will make trips to the washroom easier.

Sunglasses and Hats!

Here at Cajinka we’re huge fans of sunglasses and broad brim sunhats. Sunscreen is great, but it need to be reapplied each hour, and young babies shouldn’t wear sunscreen at all. Since one bad sunburn can double the chances of skin cancer later on, it’s important to protect your cutie from harmful UV rays. Pick out some adorable, oversized sunglasses and a broad brim sunhat. Your kid will look super-stylin’ and also be sun-safe!

Before heading to the beach or pool, there’s quite a bit of gear to think about and pick up. If you plan on spending a couple hours, you may want a tent-like pack-and-play, so you’re infant can be guaranteed a safe, shady place away from bugs. And don’t forget to abide by all the rules of the pool. If you have any questions about the best swim gear for your baby, don’t hesitate to call us at (780) 827-2848.


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