Taking Care of Your Skin During Pregnancy

Taking Care of Your Skin During Pregnancy - Cajinka - Baby Products Calgary

Just when you thought the acne years that haunted you in your teendom were over, you realize your new pregnancy hormones are causing you to break out. Pregnancy acne is especially frustrating because instead of the promised glowing, radiant skin, you’re stuck with swollen pimples. But it’s not just you. In fact, acne is the number one skin problem experienced by pregnant women of all ages, and it affects over 50% of moms-to-be, so what’s causing it?

Most pregnant women who suffer from acne do so in the first trimester. Just like when you were a teen going through puberty, the breakout is caused by the extra hormones in your body generating excess oil. Those who are mostly likely to experience acne during pregnancy are women who breakout at the beginning of their menstrual cycle or who suffered with bad acne as a teen.

Unfortunately, many of the over the counter and prescription acne cures used by teens can cause birth defects and aren’t viable options during your pregnancy. So what can you do?

Limit Washing.

It might seem counterintuitive, but when you constantly wash away the pimple-causing oils, you actually train your body to produce even more oil than it usually would. Instead, try to wash up twice a day. If you must work out after you’ve already washed up twice and sweat heavily, then you can wash a third time. But try to plan ahead to prevent that being necessary. Washing up twice a day still gives you the opportunity to remove gunk and dirt, but it shouldn’t trigger extra pimples.

Shampoo Regularly.

If you have long hair and are developing acne problems (in particular on your forehead), it’s a good idea to make sure you shampoo everyday. The same hormones that are increasing oil production on your face are also going to make your hair a bit more oily. That extra oil could be one of the causes of your pimples.

Switch Makeup.

If you manage to scrounge up the extra energy to do your make up, make sure the products that you’re using are water-base instead of oil-base. Oil-based makeup has a tendency to clog up pores. You may also want to talk to your doctor about your makeup selections. Not all makeup is going to be baby safe. Notably, parabens are a common perservative linked to birth defects and some lipsticks contain traces of lead, so choose all of your makeup carefully.

We hope these tips help you to care for you skin during your pregnancy. Fortunately, most ladies are lucky enough to stop breaking out once they hit their second trimester, and almost all cases clear up after giving birth. Do you have any questions about self-care during your pregnancy? Cajinka is here with the supplies and know-how you need. Contact us today at 780-827-2848.


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