Which Teether is Best for Your Baby?

Which Teether is Best for Your Baby? - Cajinka - Baby Store Online

Teething isn’t fun for anyone. And, while a few lucky parents will have a baby who’s only cranky for one or two days, some unlucky folks have a drooling, cranky baby for weeks. These parents often come to us begging for a solution that will finally make their baby happy again. But regardless of whether your baby is on the extremes or somewhere in between, you’ll want to have teething toy to keep them content and comfortable while their teeth come in. Here are a just a few of our favourites!

No More Drop Game!

Most parents we know don’t love what we like to call the “drop game.” It’s when your baby enjoys chewing on a toy for all of ten seconds before dropping it on the floor. When you pick it up, they chew on it for another five seconds, and then they drop it again….and again… and again. Lil Sidekicks offers a great teething tool that easily attaches to your stroller, car seat, whatever! This is one toy baby can’t throw on the ground, but if it does end up dirty, don’t worry. It’s also dishwasher safe.

Baby’s First Toothbrush.

We’re sure dentists everywhere will agree that it’s a good idea to get your baby used to having their gums and teeth brushed. After all, as soon as they have even a single tooth, it’ll be time to start brushing for real! The Zoli Chubby Gummy Gum Massager does double time as both a great teether and first tooth brush. Let baby chew on soft, gummy nubs to soothe aching gums, and rest assured that the anti-choke shield is keeping them safe as they explore their new favourite teether.

The Power of Cold!

When people get hurt, one of the first things most of us run to is an icepack. The cold reduces swelling, quiets the ache, and just makes an injury feel better. The clever folks at Kidsme understand this, which is why they’ve created the Icy Moo Moo Teether. Recommended for babies 3 months and older, this teether takes comforting your baby’s sore gums to the next level. Simply fill the cap with your baby’s prefered milk (water or diluted juice is okay for older babies as well!), place the soother into the filled lid, and freeze. In a few hours, baby will have a delicious milk-sicle to chew on.

All of these teethers are pretty great, but they’re not all going to work perfectly for your particular baby. Every baby is different. They each have their own preferences, and they don’t all like the same thing. So when it comes to deciding which teether is best for your baby, unfortunately the answer is whatever teether your baby likes best. We suggest getting a variety of different ones. Maybe your baby will like milk-sicles or maybe they’ll prefer the famously beloved Sophie. Think of this time as exploring with your baby and learning about their unique preferences.


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