Tips for Surviving Teething

Tips for Surviving Teething - Cajinka - General Baby Supplies Calgary

Even adults who have never raised children have probably heard of the horrors of teething. While some parents seem to get off easy with a baby who hardly notices his or her teeth coming in, for the vast majority of parents, teething is months of a cranky child who doesn’t sleep or eat well. To make matters worse, teething babies are also often feverish, have an increase of diaper rash, and drool so much their skin becomes irritated and inflamed. So what can you do?


Many teething babies have troubles getting enough to eat. Their gums ache, and they just don’t want to sit still and nurse. This can be very worrying for a parent. Fortunately, there is an easy solution that will help to relieve gum pain and get your baby some extra nutrition to make up for the skipped meals. Using a popsicle maker, freeze some expressed breastmilk or formula. Once it’s frozen solid, give this cool treat to baby to enjoy. If you’re infant is already eating other foods, you can also make pureed apple or yogurt popsicles or feed your baby chilled bananas and carrots.

Zoli Gummy Stick Gum Massager.

There are many excellent teething toys available for parents to buy for baby, but this chew stick is definitely one of the top toys we recommend. What makes the zoli stick special is that it massages your child’s gums while teaching early dental hygiene. The gum stick is designed to feel similar to a toothbrush; it has a long, narrow design that can reach to the back of baby’s mouth. This is a great feature when your baby’s molars begin to come in as many other teething toys don’t reach far enough back. While the safety shield should keep your baby safe from a choking on the gummy stick, you should never leave your baby unattended with any toy.

Sili Pearls.

If you’re a mom (or dad!) who loves to wear long, dangling necklaces, chances are good that your baby has chewed on your jewelry more than a couple times. Sili Pearls are cute, bright necklaces that are designed specifically for this purpose. Made out of 100% silicone, these necklaces come in several designs that look great on you, while providing baby with a safe teething toy. As you hold and snuggle your stressed, teething baby, your sili pearls will be in easy reach for you baby to chew on. They get to massage their gums, and you don’t have to worry about your baby dropping this teething toy a thousands times since its secured around your neck.

No parent wants to see their child grouchy or suffering because of teething. Most babies only suffer symptoms for two or three days before and after each tooth erupts, so if your infant is extra crabby, try to be patient. The tooth will come, and your child will return to their usual, cheerful self. In the meantime, try to keep them hydrated and comfortable as best you can. This milestone will pass soon enough. Good luck!


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