Top Christmas Gift Ideas for your Grandbaby

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for your Grandbaby - Cajinka - Baby Online Store

Just when you thought there was nothing like buying that first onesie for your first unborn grandchild, Christmas is just around the corner. Your grandbaby is suddenly looking so big already, and you just want to find the perfect present for them. Something that they can keep beyond just a few months. Something their parents will approve of. Something that will always remind them of you. Well stop stressing about finding the perfect present because Cajinka has you covered!

Something They Want.

“Wants” may be a little hard to know depending on how old your grandbaby is. A two or three year old grandbaby may just tell you exactly which stuffed animal or toy they want, but a six month old is going to be a bit more secretive. Fortunately, there are some great toys you can always fall back on. If baby loves their bath and is really starting to engage more with the water, why not buy them a fishing toy where they can practice their hand eye coordination or baby-safe bubble bath? If they love their Sophie the Giraffe, they may also like the Sophie bath toy. Keep toys of the “want” variety fun.

Something They Need.

Is it teething time at grandma’s house? If your grandbaby has a bad case of sore gums, a teething toy may be just what they need for Christmas. While they may not cherish a teether forever, you’ll feel like you’ve won best grandparent of the year when Baby begins to feel better.

Something to Wear.

If there’s one thing all babies have in common, it’s that they’re all constantly growing. Mom and Dad may have a good stash of baby clothes, but a lot of savvy parents are choosing to buy second hand to save money. They may really appreciate their son or daughter receiving an outfit that’s new and beautiful. Plus, you’ll cherish the photos of Baby’s first Christmas even more if they’re wearing the onesie you bought them.

Something to Read.

Baby probably isn’t going to start reading any time soon, but that doesn’t mean you can’t read something to them! Babies that are read to regularly have better verbal skills, are more likely to read as adults, and may even do better in school. And there’s nothing like sharing your favourite childhood story with your grandbaby. Find a collection of your favourite fairy tales or the story you used to read to your son or daughter all those years ago. If you’re not a big reader, we’re stocked up on tons of great Hockey books, so you can share your love of the game with your baby.

Here at Cajinka, we love the four present rule. That’s why we recommend getting your grandchild something they want, something they need, something to wear, or something to read. Before you buy, it’s a good idea to talk with Mom and Dad to make sure they’re okay with the present you have in mind. You might think you’ve found the perfect present, but it’ll probably fall flat if the parents already bought the same story book or toy. Checking in with your son and daughter is the best way to make sure both your grandbaby and their parents appreciate your present.


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