Top Three Items to Make Breastfeeding Easier

Top Three Items to Make Breastfeeding Easier - Cajinka - Baby Online Store

Let’s just start this blog off with an acknowledgement that breastfeeding can be really hard. In some cases, it may even be impossible. We’ve met moms who were incredibly invested in trying to make breastfeeding work, but who couldn’t get their baby to latch properly, and felt incredibly guilty about switching to formula. We’ve also met parents who have adopted, so breastfeeding simply wasn’t an option. We’re going to say right here and now: We Do Not Want Any Moms (or Parents in general) Feeling Guilty. It is perfectly fine to decide to formula feed because breastfeeding isn’t working. It is perfectly fine to formula feed because that’s your preference for any reason at all. That said, this blog is about how to make breastfeeding easier, so if breastfeeding isn’t for you, why not read about teethers instead?

Nursing Pillows.

One of the hardest parts of breastfeeding is helping your baby to get a good latch. For many breastfeeding parents, a nursing pillow can help. These pillows are made from dense, stiff foam that curves around your body and lets your baby lie right next to your breast. With the right pillow, you won’t need to bare all of baby’s weight in your arms, so you can focus better on helping them to latch and making sure they’re swallowing. One of our favourite nursing pillows is made by Kushies. It comes with a pink or blue flannel cover, which is soft, cozy, and easy to remove. Plus the cover only gets softer with every wash. This pillow is fairly compact, which makes it a good option for parents who travel a lot or live in smaller home.


Another problem many breastfeeding parents face is dry, chapped nipples. Nipples are sensitive, and they aren’t used to having an infant suck and chew on them for hours a day. In bad cases, nipples can begin to bleed and get so sore that breastfeeding is very painful. Fortunately, there are ointments that can help. Anointment Nipple Butter not only provides relief to sore nipples and protects dry skin, but it’s also 100% edible and vegan. This means, you don’t need to worry about baby swallowing any lingering butter that’s on your breasts.


If there’s one thing all parents can agree on, it’s that getting a little extra sleep goes a long ways. This can be a problem for breasting feeding parents. Many newborns want to be fed every 2 to 3 hours around the clock. However, pumping can help offer some relief. Expressed breast milk can be bottlefed to your baby by either parent. This means that the breastfeeding parent can sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. As a bonus, many Dads like the opportunity to participate in feeding. The First Years- Sole Expression Single Pump offers a quiet and compact pump that many of our customers love. With 8 different suction levels, pumping is made more comfortable than ever before.

Are you ready to defeat your breastfeeding woes? Then we have the products to make your life easier! While we always suggest working with a lactation consultant or nurse, the right gear can make breastfeeding easier for many parents. Contact Cajinka today to learn more about what gear can make breastfeeding more simple for you.


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