Ways to Mark Each Milestone

Ways to Mark Each Milestone - Cajinka - Baby Store Online

If you’re expecting your first baby, it’s hard to really imagine and appreciate just how quickly your baby will grow and change and become a little person who speaks, runs, and amazes you every day. There are few things that parents treasure more than the pictures they’ve taken of their children, so it’s important to be prepared for capturing the moments and milestones your baby will be reaching every single week. These first few months are going to be tiring, so make sure you stock up on the supplies to make recording these memories as easy and stress-free as possible.

Milestone Blocks.

Baby-age blocks form a cute wooden calendar that allows you to elegantly mark baby photos with your child’s current age. Whether your baby is two days old or eight weeks old, whether they’re twenty-four months or four years, these blocks will add a sense of continuity to your photo books and a dash of cuteness to every photo — not that your baby needs the help!

Milestone Cards.

Milestone cards for pregnancy, babies, and even toddlers are available to parents who want a little help knowing which milestones and memories are worth recording. When you’re a new parent there’s a lot of changes coming your way. It can be difficult to remember that you want a picture of your baby’s first outfit until two-weeks later when it’s already covered in unidentified bodily fluids. These cards help to keep you on track, so that the memories that you want to remember actually get recorded in the moment.

Memory Book.

Of course, you’ll want somewhere special to put all those adorable pictures taken with milestone blocks. Your card set will remind you to record the first smile and words, but you’ll still need to a place to keep the cards, memories, and footprints. A memory book or baby journal is the perfect place to do just that. Frequently, new parents turn to facebook and other digital means for recording pictures, but there’s something extra special about holding a memory book in your hands. Beyond that, putting pictures of your child up on the internet could have unintended consequences. You don’t want the Internet deciding to take a picture of your baby out of context and turning it into a cruel meme for everyone to see and mock.

Whether it’s giggles or the first time your baby says, “dada,” milestones are a wonderful, magical moment in a parents life. Make sure you’re ready to record each and every one of them! If you have any questions about baby gear and what you’ll need to survive your first year parenting, the experts at Cajinka are here to help! Call us today.


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