What Should be at the Top of Your List When Expecting a Newborn Part 1

What Should be at the Top of Your List When Expecting a Newborn Part 1 - Cajinka - General Baby Supplies Calgary

Here in Canada, it seems like new parents are surrounded by baby-gear designed to make their lives easier. And while some of the new, snazzy inventions are excellent, others are just expensive and collect dust. So what do you actually need?

A Place for Baby to Sleep.

Whether you choose a crib mattress on the floor, a conventional crib, co sleeping, or a bassinet, your baby will need a place to sleep. You’ll need two fitted crib sheets, a few cotton receiving blankets, and two waterproof mattress protectors. Things like pillows and mattress padding should be avoided as they increase the risk of SIDS.

Baby Feeding.

Your decision to breastfeed or formula feed is going to greatly affect what feeding gear you require. Nursing mothers generally benefit from a nursing pillow (or any pillow that does the job), 2-3 nursing bras, nursing pads (available in washable cloth or disposable varieties), and 6 or more bibs and burping cloths.  As for formula-feeding parents, you’ll need around 8 bottles with newborn nipples (pick a variety of brands, so you can see which works best for your child), a brush to clean the bottles, the baby formula of your choice, an insulated cooler, and 6 or more bibs and burping cloths.


As with feeding, your diapering supplies will be determined by your diapering decision. If you choose cloth diapers, you’ll need at least 12 diapers. Parents who prefer disposables, will need to buy a pack of newborn sized diapers to start. Regardless of your preference, you’ll want wipes (cloth or disposable), a waterproof changing table pad, 2-3 changing pad covers, and a diaper pail or trash can. Those who choose disposables will likely also need diaper rash ointment (though some cloth diapered babies develop diaper rash as well).

We hope this will help parents to start creating their list of must-haves! Check out our next blog for bathing, clothing, and transport. Have any questions about what baby supplies will help to make your life simpler? The experts at Cajinka are here to help! Call us today.


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