What You Need to Know About 3 Day Toilet Training

What You Need to Know About 3 Day Toilet Training - Cajinka - General Baby Supplies Calgary

Whether your baby is just a few months old or is a toddling two year old, chances are you feel as if you’ve seen and changed enough diapers for a lifetime. So when parents hear the words, “three day toilet training,” they may be inclined to think it’s good to be true. But while accidents will happen, and your child may not yet be ready for the method, three day training has worked for numerous children and parents, and it might be a good option for you.

Is Your Child Ready?

Most children will become physically and mentally ready to potty train some time between 18 and 24 months. But some children mature slower, and parents sometimes prefer to wait until their child is closer to 3 or 4 to begin. It’s important to remember that even a child who’s ready for potty training will likely have night accidents (but most children outgrow bedwetting by 5). If your child is about the right age, here are some important signs to watch out for!

  • Can stay dry for two hours at a time
  • Doesn’t wet themselves during naps
  • Can pull their pants down and up
  • Can sit still for 2-5 minutes
  • Dislikes diapers or being dirty
  • Shows interest in using the toilet like a big kid
  • Shows interest in wearing underpants like a big kid
  • In a cooperative stage rather than a contrary one

While your child doesn’t need to have all of these signs to be training-ready, the more they have the better your chance of success.

Prepare to Stay Home.  

It’s best to do the 3 day potty training method over a long weekend because you won’t be able to leave the house while training. So before you start, make sure you’ve stocked up on everything. You’ll want salty snacks as rewards (they’re yummy and encourages extra beverage consumption), and a new over-sized t-shirt that covers your kid’s bottom (they’ll be going no-pants for the next few days). Show your child where their toilet is and have them say goodbye to their diapers. As your child succeeds in peeing in the toilet, you can give them larger prizes like stickers and their own pair of big-kid underpants.

Remember the Reminders.

Your child isn’t used to remembering that they need to go to a certain location when they need to relieve themselves. After meals, drinking, and every hour or so, ask your child if they need to go to the potty. If they say no (and they will), encourage them to try anyways. When they haven’t got in a while, remind your child to use the potty frequently. Some parents suggest every 15 minutes, but do what works best for your child whether that’s every hour or every 10 minutes.

Whether you choose to do the three day method, started with elimination communication, or would prefer to take a couple weeks to get the full swing of it, we know that you and child will conquer this milestone when the time is ready. And if you have any questions about training potties, methods, or general baby supplies, the experts at Cajinka are here to help!


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